Concept: The cross-stitch graphic style conveys the idea of a gift from the heart, while not overtly sweet or feminine.
The patterns depict Valentine's Day-related items such as hearts and flowers, and we brought in a bit of coffee aspects by including mugs and latte cups.

Packaging: There are three sets of chocolate packaging, each outer containing one, two and three heart boxes, respectively.
Each heart box contains 4 pieces of premium Belgian chocolates. Angular heart shape was inspired by a cross-stitched heart. Putting them in a house-shaped outer, with windows opening to show parts of heart boxes, it represents a home full of love.

When you line up the outer boxes, they look like a little Belgian village, where the chocolates are from. The line up concept continues on the heart boxes. While the red box is positioned as a visual accent, the white boxes have connecting pattern left and right, adding more value as a set.
A handle is attached to the outer so that it can double as a shopping bag.

Scope: Packaging &. promotion & merchandise design
Launch date: February 2014
Client: Starbucks Korea

Red Dot Communication Design Award, 2015
©2014 Starbucks Coffee Company